Director of Photography on board

The project is joined by Mat Hammond as Director of Photography.


Born and raised in the Black Country, Mathew Hammond is an experienced screenwriter and short film director and producer. For almost a decade he has been honing his skills and understanding of the craft through his work on fiction and non-fiction short films, as well as commercial material. Since 2012 he has been running a commercial video production business, and working independently on productions across the nation.

Having graduated with a degree in Film Production from the University of Central Lancashire in 2013, Mathew, as well as working for corporate clients and on other studio productions, also works to create artistic content in the form of short films and music videos, whilst furthermore teaching film, and learning about it himself too, having put into motion new steps in education, in the form of a masters degree.

In recent years, the ambitious filmmaker has collected a wealth of different experiences in the field of teaching film. His background ranges from that of directing a wide variety of performers both young and adult, to running workshops with child and adult actors. H has been involved in large scale feature length films, and worked as a camera operator on popular events, like music concerts for chart topping artists.

Mathew is a strong believer in the education of young and driven filmmakers, particularly when it comes to the principals of filmmaking. Many individuals believe that they can make a good film by simply watching a lot good films, but in reality, without any knowledge of the essential conventions involved in filmmaking, the aspiring director is probably doomed to cliché and catastrophe.

mat edited (lo-res)

Published by The Long Way Home

Film maker from Shropshire

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