Finished…only to start again

So, filming is over. Two fantastic days weather wise produced some amazing images while a third day with heaving rain had us shooting in an underground officers dug out built for 3-4 people with a cast and crew of 9.  Angles were non existent and light hard to come by but nonetheless we have come away with some really credible shots.

Now we move over to the editing side of things, all of the footage has been uploaded and soon the hundreds of sound files will follow. First job is to assess all of the shots and judge what is our primary footage, then we can see whether we have  alternative shots to insert. 

More on the edit as we go along but at the point of the wrap it is important to list those who took part and to express my thanks to them all for their hard work and time.


Ben Seager, Richard Cartwright, Robert Palfrey, James Cartwright-Ross, Josh Griffiths, Harriet Atkins


George Clutton, Mat Hammond, Jennifer Meredith, Kerry Rousell, Pat Sower, Paul Parfitt, Jordan Shaw, Julian Elcock & Marguerite Elcock.

For their help

Hampton Court Castle (Jill Clayton), Park Hall Farm (Martyn Hughes), The Looking Glass (Bridgnorth), History In The Making (costume hire), Panny Hire (equipment), Simon Jarman MBE, Cal Newsome (Bull & Co hair).


We have had the most incredible 3 days filming and we will be sharing some more photos very soon.


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