After a marathon session on the computer the compilation of the film is coming along well. It’s a slow process, each clip has to be trimmed to length, colour balanced and have any of the fundamental effects added, sound cleaned or matched before it too is balanced and then the whole thing checked with the preceding scene before moving on to the next. Longer scenes have to be split up and the inserts identified and tested, a process made much more difficult when the actor has ad-libbed a line or 2.

Probably by this evening we will have a full story edited and then we move on to the overall themeing and ambient sounds. 

It is a very slow process but a rewarding one, especially when a planned sequence is completely changed and an even better scene results. Often the final look of the film has more to do with the editor than the director with whole segments being chopped out to make for a better flow.

Above is a photo of Ben and Harry waiting for their scene while the camera was set up some 40 feet behind them. 


Published by The Long Way Home

Film maker from Shropshire

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