Testing Testing

There is no better way to test your film than to have it on the big screen. The way a computer monitor or TV renders the image is very different to the way a projector does, it’s a little like the difference between a wall painted red and one lit red. 

The science behind it relates to how light is reflected and what colour that light is in the first place. It also affects the amount of detail in an image, by its very nature a fantastically bright projected image will have more detail than a flat tv style image.

All that leads me to the experience last night of test screening the short. WOW!!! The film looked amazing. Yes we can see things we would like to improve but if we couldn’t, we shouldn’t be in the job. What it showed us is that we are almost ready to let it loose in the world, quite an accomplishment in 2 weeks.

The other reason for the viewing was to allow family to see what we had been doing. It was interesting to gauge their reactions, overwhelmingly positive a few pointed questions about characters confirmed previous comments and our views. Quote of the night,”it’s something I’d like to settle down to watch on Boxing Day”.   Great, that is exactly the feel we have been going for. 

The next stage is a little cleaning of the final version, then arranging a launch event. I will be back with more information soon.


Published by The Long Way Home

Film maker from Shropshire

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