24 Hours to go.


Hours to go!

So we are coming to the end of our campaign with a total of nearly £5000 raised. We are humbled by the faith that those people have put in us to complete this project and promise you that we will continue to work tirelessly to make this film.

Just because the campaign has finished it does not mean that we have let up with fundraising, nor does it mean that we cannot go back to another campaign as we get closer to the shoot. In fact we plan another campaign in the summer of next year once we have dates and locations firmed up. At that stage we will be in a position to precisely define our finances and know exactly what we can do to keep costs to an absolute minimum.

It will also be at that stage that we will begin to firm up the full cast and crew as availability becomes more apparent, this will hopefully make it a more appealing prospect for those investors out there in cyberspace.

We will continue to follow leads for distribution and festivals, treading the fine line between the film languishing unseen because the festival circuit want NEW material and actually showing the film to people who care about films and the subject, especially given the proximity of the centenary. Fortunately we do not view this as an exercise to make money, there is no imperative for us to get it shown to a paying audience, in fact we anticipate initial showings for charity. Of course if we can find a way to make some money then we would be very happy but we are realistic about the likelyhood of that.

So if you have been wondering whether to contribute, have meant to but not got around to it or are stumbling across this as a new idea please do give a little, we vow to you that we will use it for one thing only and that is to make this film.



Published by The Long Way Home

Film maker from Shropshire

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