A HUGE step forward!!

So our little story is pretty much complete!! We have concentrated on the trench scenes and anything taking place at the front for this year although we have a rough work of the Act 1 story too.

Last night we had the index cards spread over the kitchen table in sequence checking that the beats of the story were in the right order, that every story was complete and had a beginning, middle and end.  A long process made harder by Jake’s colourblindness.  Hard to work with the green story when he can’t see it!

By the end of today the script will be at a workable stage and we will begin circulating it to the team. Lots of new members involved now and more to come. Jake and producer Julian had a Skype audition yesterday and hope to arrange another today. We will introduce you to the new members of the team over the coming days.

We have a couple of people who have taken up extras roles in the film. We haven’t forgotten you!!!! While the filming this year is trench based and therefore we can’t offer anything here there will be a couple of scenes next year which we have already mapped out to involve you. 

The studio have begun construction, we just need to pay for it now!!   A concert on Saturday evening raised quite a decent amount for the film and so adding in a few sums promised, while we haven’t yet reached our target we are getting close!

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