A new look

Those who saw the Proof of Concept shoot from last year will recall that we filmed outside on a very bright and hot day. Not exactly representative of a November day over wet ground. Also we shot in daylight which again is wrong, any fighting between the trenches took place at night, common sense really, it’s much easier to approach under cover of darkness than in broad daylight.

For you guys this years film will look very different, it is much darker (in light as well as mood) and dirtier.

This photo gives a better idea of the light levels and grittiness of the look. The whole shoot was done with the camera close in to the actors so that you feel as though you are part of the action, or inaction, with a ‘fly on the wall’ feel to it all.

We are really excited by the project and what we have achieved and cannot wait to show you all some clips.

Published by The Long Way Home

Film maker from Shropshire

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